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Title: How I Roll Artist: Britney Spears 10 plays


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Human’s Hierarchy of Aesthetic Appeasement

Is it this? Is this what you see? I assure you it is human. But if that’s all you see, then you don’t see me. You can’t see me.  -Justin McLeod


Around 2001, Wim Delvoye. asked some of his friends to paint parts of their bodies with small amounts of barium and then have sex in actual medical clinics. At exhibitions, the X-rays are presented as giant stained-glass church windows. At a distance you admire the abstract forms, but it is only when you come closer and study it in detail that you see what it is composed of.

Title: Fighter Plane Artist: Ellie Goulding 20 plays

Why does the soul hallucinate? I've got control, I shift my shape If flesh and bone do not contain The mirrors don't reflect my face

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